Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange new course
Até 16 de Setembro 2018

A new course is about to start in the frame of the Erasmus+ Virtual Exchange programme, titled: NEWCOMERS AND NATIONALISM: Exploring the challenges of belonging in Europe.

This interactive course begins 1st October for 10 weeks and concerns the social and political dynamics of joining and leaving the EU. It considers how refugees and newcomers integrate and create belonging at the same time as a nationalist trends and right wing political movements push to leave the EU. The themes addressed are politically topical. Furthermore, as a practice-based programme it also compliments taught courses by offering an opportunity to encounter students who have experienced forced migration or who live in countries with growing populist movements. A central component is the community dialogue project that also develops students' primary research skills.    This intercultural exchange brings refugee and non-refugee students together to explore these issues and to develop intercultural competence as well as confidence, empathy, curiosity and understanding. This programme is an intense and exciting experience for students and they are guided through the 10 weeks with lots of support.    The deadline for enrolment is 16th September and students simply need to complete this short online registration form.   To have more info on the course, including accreditation and registration, contact Dr Sophie Millner: who would be happy to outline the programme.
Published in 07.09.2018