Practical Information for Students

Extra-curricular and leisure activities

The widespread extra-curricular activities developed at the University of Évora range from the organization of conferences and exhibitions to artistic and sports events. Moreover, there are a number of musical ensembles, worth noting the University Orchestra and Choir, a theatre group and a film club.

It is also possible to play several sports such as handball, basketball, volleyball, futsal, fencing, karate, aerobics, taekwondo, archery, swimming, horse riding, rugby and canoeing.

The academic festivities such as “Fresher’s Welcome” (October) and “Ribbon Burning” (June) organized by the Students’ Association of the University of Evora, are already landmark events in the city.

The city of Evora has a theatre, several exhibition halls, museums and all the architectural richness of a world heritage city. Among the diversity of Evora’s cultural offerings are:

  • BIME: Evora International Biannual Puppetry Festival
  • FIKE: Evora International Short Film Festival
  • Classical Evora Festival

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Halls of residence:

The university’s Social Services provide 528 beds in 7 halls of residence all over the city within easy and fast access to the university buildings. At present, the farthest residence is about 30 minutes away on foot.

Request for accommodation in halls of residence should be submitted to the Social Services.

Medical Assistance

The University of Évora provides general medical care. It also provides medical exams and assistance in sports activities.


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Students’ Associations

Besides the Students’ Association, there is a large number of student services organized based on different courses or specific themes such as the Students’ Union and the Students’ Centres.

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Language Schools

Departament of Linguistics and Literatures:

Address: Colégio do Espírito Santo - Largo dos Colegiais, 2 Apartado 94 Évora

Cost of living

In order to afford their monthly expenses, students should have at least 200€ for food, around 135€ for accommodation in a university hall of residence and between 150€ and 250€ in private accommodation. Moreover, students should consider the cost of books, photocopies, etc.

Fees (2018/19)


Student (1st Cycle)

1037,2 €/academic year




Acommodation in halls of residence


Student with scholarship


75,06 €/month

Student without scholarship


132,00 €/month

Mobility Students, Protocol,  Palops and Calouste Gunbenkian Foundation

132,00 €/month


Private accommodation



± 150 a 250 €/month


Meals at university canteens



2, 3 €/meal



2,5 €/meal


Meals at other places  


Bars and restaurants

± 15 €/meal


Public transportation


Normal pass

15,50 €


Note: The figures indicated are subject to change in accordance with the legislation in force. The information concerns the mentioned periods or, when there is no such mention, it aims to be just an indication.

Sports facilities

The University of Évora offers a range of sports facilities which can be used for individual or team sports such as the Equestrian Centre, the Sports Pavilion and the Racing Track at Mitra, outdoor sports facilities at the Espirito Santo College and a Sports Pavilion in the Nossa Senhora da Saúde district. The university also makes use of municipal facilities (e.g. public pools) and private facilities.

The university organizes a number of sports such as handball, fencing and chess, among others. The sports section of the Students’ Association of the University of Evora and the university’s Social Services are responsible for the development and organization of sports activities among the students.

  • Handball, basketball, volleyball, futsal, karate, aerobics, taekwondo, step aerobics Swimming, Horseback Riding, Rugby

For more information about sports activities contact the Sports section of the Students’ Association.


One of the major objectives of the Social Services as far as meals are concerned is to offer students diversified and quality food. To do so, several measures have been taken. On one hand, each menu is carefully prepared by a dietitian while a veterinarian controls the quality of the products used. On the other hand, students are given the choice of two different menus at each meal.

The university has 3 dining-halls which serve lunch and dinner daily at reduced prices. There is also a restaurant at the Espirito Santo College in room 001 (across from the Auditorium).

The university also has bars and cafeterias which serve light meals at the Mitra Centre, Espirito Santo College, Luis Antonio Verney College and São João de Deus School of Nursing. There is also a snack bar in Luis António Verney College. The above mentioned facilities are open from Monday to Friday and offer a wide range of reasonably priced foods.

Support services

Social Services

Any student at the University of Evora can make use of the Social Services in the following areas:

  • Accommodation;
  • Meals;
  • Medical services;
  • Scholarships.

Serviços de Ação Social | Largo Senhora da Natividade (Edifício da Antiga Cadeia) 7000-810 Évora | |Phone +351 266 740 800

Divisão Apoio ao Aluno | Ed. Stº Agostinho, Rua Duques Cadaval - Évora | | Phone +351 266 740 800 Ext. 62111

Web site: (The information are only in Portuguese)

Mobility and Cooperation Support Office

One of the major duties of the Mobility and Cooperation Support Office is to provide useful information to students and teaching staff of partner institutions.

Gabinete de Apoio à Cooperação e Mobilidade - Serviços de Ciência e Cooperação
Universidade de Évora |  Ed. Stº Agostinho,  Rua Duques de Cadaval, apartado 94, 7002-554 Évora | | phone +351 266 760 242


There are four main libraries organized according to different scientific areas:

  • Social and Human Sciences, Economic and Business Sciences: Espirito Santo College
  • Agrarian Sciences: Mitra Centre
  • Natural Sciences, Exact Sciences: Luis Antonio Verney College
  • Arts: Leões College

Students, teaching staff and administrative staff have free access to books, journals, maps, theses and several databases.

University of Evora Library | Colégio do Espírito Santo | phone +351 266740823

Web site: (The information are only in Portuguese)  

Computing Services

In order to provide students with solid academic support, the university puts at their disposal technological supplies and equipment, wireless communication in several buildings and an email account.

  • Email: all students at the university have access to an email account.
  • Wireless access: wireless access is available in several buildings with coverage in common rooms such as study areas, libraries, dining halls, bars and some classrooms. Access to wireless points requires installation procedures.

Computing Services
Universidade de Évora |  Antiga Cadeia, Largo da Natividade, 7000 Évora | | phone +351 266 740 800

Web site:  (The information are only in Portuguese)

Study and Computing Rooms

Besides the study rooms located in the library, there is a range of rooms permanently open throughout the university buildings which are used for individual or group work.
The university provides many Computer Rooms in its buildings.
There are several computing rooms in different buildings available to students.


All students at the University of Évora are covered by an academic insurance purchased at 2.95 € , paid at the arrival date.