The University of Évora was founded in 1559 and for two centuries it distinguished itself for its role in the education of the elites and the missionaries of the kingdom. Restored as a public University in 1973, it is aimed at meeting the new requirements of society. It is particularly devoted to the education of human resources who want to achieve a higher position by merit and good service to the community. The University of Évora has established itself through the high quality of its teaching, associated with perennial values such as mutual respect, desire for knowledge, intellectual honesty and freedom of thought. 

Currently, we are a modern University, with quality Research Centres, evaluated by the international panels of the Fundação para a Ciência e Tecnologia (FCT), with highly qualified teachers, integrating international networks and mobility programs that provide its students and professors with opportunities to contact other countries. We have a strong relationship with businesses and industries, always trying to spread the produced knowledge outside our historical walls. This knowledge of the various areas of our activity should be a tool for economical and social development. In this permanent process of transferring knowledge and technology we allow our students to establish useful contacts with productive sector and with culture, preparing them for the demanding challenges of a society in an accelerated process of structural transformation.

We offer 36 1st cycle degrees, 85 2nd cycle master's courses, 3 of which Erasmus Mundus, and 34 doctoral programs in almost all areas of knowledge. The diversified offer of lifelong education courses, credited for the pursuit of other degrees of studies, guarantees the updating of knowledge in a world in constant change. The University is recognized internationally, being regularly evaluated by the European University Association (EUA). It has also been accepted as a member of the Magna Charta Universitatum .

Our students come from all over Portugal and from foreign countries. In the University of Évora they find a rare and precious combination of high quality teaching, advanced research and a favourable business/industrial context. All this is mixed with a good human and affective environment, where it is easy to make friends and enjoy an intense cultural life, where there is time and time to enjoy life, where teachers are easily reached and are a great help to the students in their studies and in their program choices. Due to all these aspects, fundamental for every integrated education, the University of Évora positions itself today, more than ever, as a genuine academic community. Frequently, those who leave after graduating miss the academic environment and many of them come back to continue their studies in a more advanced level. With approximately nine thousand students of the various degrees of education, we are a University with the right dimension, which does not want to establish itself by its size but by the authentic academic spirit. 

If you want to share it with us and help build the basis for a future with quality, feel welcome to enter our community, based on the motto (quoted from Camões) "Honest study mixed with long experience ".